Monday, May 23, 2005

I live for weekends

So...I went to the wedding Friday night. It was a good time. The wine party on Saturday night was a lot of fun. Good crowd. Educational too :) And then Sunday I did some housework and lounged a bit. Back to work and it will be a long day. The good news is that my daughter made the High School Cheerleading team. She doesn't start H.S. until next September but they had tryouts this past week and they need 20 girls. 14 High Schoolers returned to tryout that were on the team last year and they all made it and then they only need 6 girls from Middle School. So some of Alyssa's friends did not make the team, which is too bad. But I'm thrilled that she did make it. They will have a weeklong camp this summer. I need to make some vacation plans!!


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