Thursday, November 03, 2005

Just when things start going well...

Went to WW last night to get weighed in. I lost 3 lbs. Yeah!

This morning I'm driving to work and my car starts to fail. First the power steering, then I notice the battery light goes on, then I see the temperature light goes on, glance at the temp gauge and it's rising quite high.

Manage to pull off the highway into a grocery store parking lot, but with great difficulty, as I have no steering now. Flipping off on-coming traffic who has become inpatient with me because they're trying to run a stop sign to hurry into work as I give it all my strength trying to navigate a left turn. That was stressful.

Did I mention that I just spent appx. $700 in repairs last month on my car. I hope it's not serious.


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