Friday, November 10, 2006

100 Things About Me!

1. I’ve lived in Connecticut all my life.

2. I’m 100% Italian.

3. I’m an extremely loyal friend.

4. I carry secrets to the grave.

5. Pets come and go but I’ll always have a special place in my heart for Max, my German Shepard.

6. I had a four year relationship with a man 9 years younger than me. My heart has never recovered.

7. Music means everything to me.

8. The first concert I ever attended was America, in 1971 or 1972. I went to see them this summer to memorialize that experience.

9. I wanted to pursue being an artist but didn’t think I was good enough.

10. I like to people watch. I am a good judge of character.

11. I was always athletic in school, beating out running times of the boy’s track team.

12. I used to ride dirt bikes/quads. It was a passion and I miss it.

13. I love jazz music and long for jazz bars in this state, but there are none.

14. I love to cook.

15. Integrity is an important quality to me.

16. I was married for 18 years. Marriage didn’t define me nor does divorce.

17. I now date someone I knew before we were both married. We worked at the same place and married and divorced around the same time. There was never anything between us except being acquaintances.

18. I don’t know that I’ll ever marry again.

19. My current relationship gives me the stability that I need.

20. I didn’t divorce my husband for lack of love. He doesn’t know this. I couldn’t possibly tell him. It wouldn’t make sense to him.

21. People don’t realize my ex and are divorced because we’re friendly.

22. My current job is not that fulfilling.

23. My girlfriend(s) are usually a sister replacement type relationship. I have a sister of my own.

24. I love to make people laugh. I notice that same trait in my daughter. I think she is incredibly funny.

25. I never liked receiving flowers from men. I do like receiving them from my beau. I feel that he is genuine.

26. It is difficult for me to surrender to others to do things for me. I’m getting better at it.

27. People often tell me that I’m “strong.” It worries me when I hear it so often. I wonder if that is the only thing they can see about me.

28. My boyfriend loves my cooking. He’ll tease me by saying “That was really horrible.” He doesn’t know it but my ex would make critical comments seriously. I overlook the humor, but the first time my heart dropped. I don’t have the heart to tell him.

29. I get along with everyone I ever dated. I still talk to my high school boyfriend.

30. I don’t speak to the guy who was 9 years younger. Too painful. He contacted me this year; it’s been 3 years. I acted indifferent so as to discourage him. In reality I think we belong together. I won’t open myself up to him for fear of being hurt. It took me years to get to this place.

31. I left behind some personal things at that old boyfriend’s house. I really, really wish he’d return my Steely Dan CD Box Set. It’s the only thing I want back.

32. I appreciate the little things in life, a flower, a sunrise or moonlight. I find these things fascinating.

33. I’m not as patient as I used to be. I used to be the most patient person in the world. This changed during the process of my divorce.

34. I love creative people, whether they be artists or techies, I love their mind and how they think.

35. I love to think outside the box.

36. I broke my ankle a couple years ago. First time I broke anything. I was relieved no matter how bad the pain was because I desperately needed time off from work and time off from life. This was during my divorce. I was couch-bound with a thigh-high cast for two months. I found it to be a good time to reflect and emotionally get myself into shape.

37. I’ll always look back in embarrassment about having the broken leg, being in a wheelchair and getting wheeled into the courtroom by my then husband for divorce proceedings. (I felt pathetic). The lawyers couldn’t figure us out.

38. I tend to communicate with my pets non-verbally and bond very closely with them in a way that always amazes people.

39. I’m a people pleaser.

40. I internalize stress.

41. There’s not anything I wouldn’t do for someone.

42. I make friends easily.

43. People that are difficult to get to know are a challenge to me.

44. I’m outgoing.

45. I used to be painfully shy.

46. I love a good party.

47. I’m always in control.

48. I’m not a control freak.

49. Men relate to me well.

50. I feel deep satisfaction when my house is in order and neat.

51. I feel overwhelmed when my house is messy.

52. I worry that I won’t be able to find 100 things about me to write down.

53. I love movies.

54. I think that I always secretly lived vicariously through movies.

55. I’m very open minded.

56. I love intellectual conversations with others.

57. I’ve given nicknames to co-workers, behind their backs, when I was much younger, that seem to have stuck with them throughout the years by the other employees, and no one can really remember or never knew where the nickname originated. It humors me to hear about it.

58. Currently, I feel like when I was in my early twenties when I didn’t understand how a person knew when they were really in love.

59. It bothers me to feel this way. I worry I’ll miss out on something by not being ready.

60. I love unconditionally. Money and material things could never sway me or endear me more to a person.

61. I’d give the shirt off my back for a friend. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

62. I’ve spent time with friends 24/7 if they were in need, like in times of divorce or crisis.

63. My friends say I have the credentials of a psychologist during their crises.

64. My boyfriend is extremely quiet. I learned to like this quality. I can read him pretty damn well.

65. I’ve learned less is more and don’t burden him with idle female chit-chat about nonsensical things.

66. I had a boyfriend (Mr. 9 Years Younger) that was really sensitive and we could talk about everything under the sun and analyze things and I could share female chit-chat about nonsensical things. It was nice while it lasted. I don’t expect to have that again with a guy.

67. I laugh out loud at truly funny things. I admire people who can laugh out loud.

68. My boyfriend doesn’t laugh out loud. He sometimes doesn’t show any emotion even when I know he finds something amusing. I wish he’d laugh out loud.

69. Sex is fun. I thought #69 needed to be properly memorialized.

70. I look forward to quiet times alone. I’m used to being alone from when I was married. I’m afraid I’ll never be able to share my space with someone because of it.

71. I went to my high school reunion in 1998. My Junior H.S. boyfriend was there with his wife. While his wife was on the dance floor he told me he carried a torch for me all through H.S. I’ve googled him from time to time since then. He divorced about a year ago. I’ve been waiting, since then, for him to appear at my doorstep. I believe in fate. If it’s meant to be we’ll connect somehow by chance.

72. I don’t really have any vices that are harmful to me other than not having diet discipline.

73. I’m finding this exercise of writing 100 things about me very therapeutic.

74. I’ve never been to a therapist. I don’t think I’ll ever go. I know myself better than anyone and can work things through without the aide of an outsider.

75. I don’t think I could pick a favorite food. It would be like picking a favorite offspring.

76. I’ve never tasted brussel sprouts. They scare me.

77. I’ve been to Disney World too many times.

78. My favorite vacation spots are actually in New England, close to home, because I find them serene and beautiful and they truly give me peace and relaxation.

79. I love the beach although I don’t like the beaches in Connecticut. I’d travel to Rhode Island to go to a decent beach.

80. I would love to own a vacation home at the shore in Rhode Island. It’s been my dream since I was a young girl. I always thought I’d accomplish this by the time I was 40.

81. I cook for Thanksgiving and always have. I gave it up one year for a break and got it back by popular demand. I cook a damn fine meal on Thanksgiving.

82. I whistle “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow” at work when I’m stressed, but the words I’m singing in my head are, “Bite my ass, bite my ass, bite my ass.”

83. I feel overwhelmed at times carrying responsibility by myself. I’ve felt this way most of my adult life.

84. I don’t generally ask for things of my mate. It’s not my nature.

85. I used to sleepwalk as a kid. Many times my family would have to stop me from going outside “to play.”

86. As a kid I had two recurring nightmares, for many years. I remember them vividly to this day.

87. I don’t usually have fears and if I do I embrace them to overcome them. This has worked very well for me.

88. While I was going through the process of divorce I didn’t tell anyone I worked with, not even my work friends. So for a year no one knew. My boss and I became confidants once I told him.

89. That boss no longer works with me. He was “squeezed” out. I miss him terribly. He used to call me Gidget and I would call him Moon-doggy. These kind of exchanges happened often.

90. I now work for a woman. She’s lovely but I prefer working for men.

91. When my grandmother died, I felt she left me the gift of dealing with death and understanding death and dying. I was in high school when she died. I felt it was a celebration of life rather than feeling grief, as she showed me with her acceptance of being ready to go.

92. I received two charms, after my grandmother’s passing, that she wore around her neck every day. One was a religious medal and the other was an Italian hand to ward off evil. I wear them when I feel troubled. I feel they protect me. This summer when I needed strength I put them on. I took them off last weekend. I had the worst week at work. I cursed myself for taking them off.

93. Someone hit my car in the parking lot at work this week. This was the least worrisome thing that happened this week.

94. I’m going to place the chain with my grandmother’s charms back on my neck today and probably never take them off again!

95. I’m not particularly superstitious, but I’d believe anything my grandmother believed in. She was a very wise woman.

96. I’ve never been to Europe and would love to travel the European countries.

97. My first priority would be to travel throughout the U.S. before venturing to Europe. I think our country is beautiful.

98. I would love to have a career that includes either cooking, animals or philanthropy.

99. I wish I had the discipline to eat only organic food and food that wasn’t processed.

100. I plan on growing a garden next year. I don’t particularly have a green thumb. I’d like to eat my own home-grown vegetables.


At November 10, 2006 6:09 PM , Blogger Osbasso said...

Nicely done! We share many of the same traits, I believe. I love #82! Feels good to do one of these, doesn't it?

At November 12, 2006 12:13 AM , Blogger Tony Myles said...

Wow... that took some time. Good show.

At November 12, 2006 11:35 AM , Blogger No One In Particular said...

Very interesting stuff! Hope you have much better days this week :)

At November 13, 2006 11:10 AM , Blogger art said...

very vry informative list. thanks for sharing


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