Friday, August 17, 2007

How I Really Feel Friday ~ Doctor, Doctor revisited

Happy Friday!

The good news is that my blood work seems to be back in the normal range. However, the doctor's office had to admit that they forgot to include one test in the blood work, so on my way home today I'll get that taken care of. Just want it all to be over with!

The work week, after coming from vacation, wasn't too bad because my boss was out on her vacation. So it was a non-stressful week. Can't ask for more.

Saw "Mahalia" last night at the local stage company starring Frenchie Davis. What a wonderful play and what a dynamite performance by Frenchie Davis. A power-house of a voice. Just amazing!

I'm going to soak in the weekend with fresh air and sun as I feel like Summer is coming to an end, all too soon. Maybe I'll capture next week's HNT, as I never got around to it this past Thursday!

Whatever you may be doing this weekend...enjoy!


At August 17, 2007 2:40 PM , Blogger BTExpress said...

Nice to get the news your blood pressure is back to normal. I take meds for that and I'm hoping mine goes back down once I loose the weight.

I'll be sanding and painting this weekend. Have a great one yourself!

At August 17, 2007 5:22 PM , Anonymous SeaRabbit said...

you will continue on the bright side... That movie seems amazing... I wish to find it around here!


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