Friday, July 27, 2007

How I Really Feel Friday - The Horizon

Happy Friday Friends!

The boyfriend is away for the weekend for an annual golf trip. I'm looking forward to the alone time because I have a week before my vacation and I need to get organized. My mom, dad, sister, niece, daughter and I are going on a cruise.

That being said, it looks as if dad is having some health issues that would need to be taken care of. My sister and I have had some lengthy discussions about it and she feels he will be stubborn and opt not to pay attention to any of it. She feels he won't go in for open heart having had it before and now knowing what to expect and being that much older. Each time we discuss it I mostly listen to her because I know she's right and at the same time I find it incredibly depressing but don't express that to her because I am the strong one and will need to be when she caves. She has all the medical connections because of her job so right now she's feeling it from a medical perspective and not quite yet from the human perspective. Depressed because he's too young to ignore and if he has this stuff taken care of before he's symptomatic he will fare much better.

I myself have been loaded with various doctor appointments and last week missed an important one because of the dead battery in the car. That one will be at a later date but meanwhile today the G.I. doc that I was referred to see by my regular doc, for preliminary stuff before an endoscope tells me that he'll need to do an endoscope and a colonoscopy. Oh good fun! "I'm not 50!" I declared. He laughed and told me I'll have a free pass for 5 years or more. Honestly the endoscope scared me more than the colonoscopy. As the lady who scheduled it said, "You're going to be double-dipped!"

A short while ago I called my mom to tell her about my appointment and she told me she received a report in the mail from my dad's doc and didn't know how to interpret it. She pretty much stated what my sister has feared, that at this age he won't go in for surgery. I see an intervention on the horizon.

All this medical talk aside, I feel is take each day at a time and cherish every moment.

I would just hate to see (both) my parents make a silly decision that would cut short an otherwise long(er) life.


At July 27, 2007 5:34 PM , Blogger BTExpress said...

I'm sorry you all are going threw all this. Just ask your dad if wants to live or die. That may sound like a harsh way to say it, but that's they way it is.


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