Thursday, June 28, 2007

Perspective and uh a good lay... isn't it funny how quickly women can change their minds?

I've been waiting for the other shoe to drop for about 3 years now but the beau is a pretty solid realible guy. I was ready to write him off. Possibly with an overactive thought process and lack of intimacy due to mostly his busy schedule the past three weeks.

He came over tonight when I wasn't expecting him. Probably because I ignored his "good morning" work e-mail. Of course I fibbed and said I didn't see it because after all I went to work for 7 a.m. this morning for a meeting that lasted to 3 p.m. I knew he would forget that I told him my schedule for the day but it worked to my favor with the fib.

So it seems he didn't give me all the details yesterday for bowing out of the wedding but even since that there has been new developments about his dad's health that made me unable to keep up my anger/hurt. Of course, I wasn't fair enough to tell him I was hurt in the first place.

His kids won't have their cousins to hang with Saturday night so he wants to be around. Granted they are old enough to not have him there overnight but just today it was decided that his dad is not improving, not worsening but is unresponsive and needs to be taken off the respirator as they don't see him improving at this point. He doesn't know exactly when it will happen...tomorrow, the next day, next week. So he plans to stick close by. He'll leave work tomorrow and take all the kids to an amusement park. He'll visit his dad at the end of the day and maybe tomorrow he'll know more about what was decided and when.

He did say that he very much wanted to go the wedding but doesn't want the kids to be hanging so much at his sister's who is slowly starting to melt from the news of her father and being a constant companion to the mother. I'm not sure she's left the mom's side since last Friday when he was brought to the hospital. Good ol' Jane. She's like that - the one who'll be there always.

He did mention again though that he hasn't golfed yet with his son!!! Men! Oh well. I guess when you haven't had any in a few weeks the mind starts to run on overtime. I was looking for faults. Waiting for the shoe to drop. Imagining he was less interested.

So I had a double-whammy since I got home from work today. TAKE YOUR MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER!

The ex came over an announced that he is going to give me - register to me - his little Honda so that I can drive it so the kid can drive my car which is more suitable for a new driver. He said I can continue to try to sell it (that was our collective plan) or keep it if I like it. He said its a fun little car and gets good gas mileage and really likes to drive it and said I may decide to just hang onto it. Here's a photo.I thought that was really generous and decent of him. He wanted to give it to the kid - but she's not interested because its standard shift and everytime she's tried to drive it - she simply can't. We both agreed she'd be better off in my car. I thanked him and we talked. Boy, when we get along we get along but when we don't, we don't.

So about an hour or so later I sent him a text message that said "Thank you - seems like the best solution and I'm very happy that she'll be driving my car"

He calls me an hour later and says, "Did you get my text message?" "No - I didn't get any text messages." "Oh, I'll resend it." "Why don't you just tell me what you were texting." Laughs and hangs up. Translation: Must be really fresh. I can just imagine...and I still haven't gotten it. Wonder how long it takes him to figure out how to send that message properly. Wonder if it went to someone else.


At July 01, 2007 11:59 PM , Blogger Chickie said...

Hey, you're a woman & allowed to change your mind at your whim!

That's a cute little car. We started to test drive one of those just for fun, but Sweety is too big. He looked like a gorilla riding a football.


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