Friday, June 01, 2007

How I Really Feel Friday - Alas

Alas, the weekend is here.

The diet is going well - at least 5 pounds off since I started.

The beau's daughter flys up from Florida for the weekend. He flew her here so she could go to a Fall Out Boy's concert. The "mother" wouldn't let her go earlier in the year and even passed up a 2nd time when the kid's friend was offering her a free ticket. But now it's okay...the beau flew her up and the kid purchased 3 sets of tickets with his credit card, trying to improve her concert seats each time and was only satisfied when she got "pit" tickets.

What the princess doesn't know is that my kid and her best friend, and my sister and her daughter get to go along courtesy of all the extra tix she bought using her dad (my beau's) credit card.

I think she'll figure it out on the way to the concert in the car when they're all together.

On Wednesday night the beau's ex told him that the kid might not be able to come up for the weekend because she might be scheduled to work. Ha! Don't ya love games that the exes play? She pushed his buttons so much that he made the kid give him the phone number of the employer so he could call and let them know that she had these plans and told them so when she was hired. It didn't seem to be a problem with them at all.

Which made me wonder...was the ex having 2nd thoughts about letting her kid attend the concert...I mean seeing that she resisted so much earlier in the year. Who knows.

Anyway it will be like salt in the wound for the kid if she figures out that my kid is going courtesy of her dad as she doesn't like my kid. And she doesn't want to travel together with them to the concert. Ain't life a bitch? That issue merited a special phone call earlier in the week..."Daddy, why didn't you tell me?"

Well, no one's perfect and I'm sure there's things about my kid that drive him crazy but i can tell you this...I'M GLAD THAT'S NOT MY KID!

What I do know is that my kid would never keep ordering tickets using my credit card and neglect to tell me. It wouldn't even get as far as the credit card usage. For that I am grateful.

Have a good weekend everybody.


At June 09, 2007 10:51 PM , Blogger Chickie said...

Holy moly, she used the card 3 times trying to get better tickets?!

Congrats on the 5 pounds!

Hope you're having a good one :)


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