Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Curiosity Killed the Cat

So I talked to "him" one more time, because as you know, curiosity killed the cat. Me being the cat.

I asked, why after all this time did he contact me. "I was the best friend he ever had."

Ugh! He's in a relationship right now. Thanks for the info.

I mentioned that I wasn't willing to share any personal information and that if he was in a relationship, then why drive by. He asked, "Are you saying not to drive by?" He always did play word games and now I feel like he's playing mind games.

Anyway, the rest of the brief conversation doesn't matter. We parted with no cliffhangers and I got rid of his phone number.


At October 14, 2008 12:35 PM , Anonymous Emily said...

Just had to say that I found your blog after googling "Curiosity Killed the Cat" because I wanted to find similar phrases to use on my blog. I am about to post an entry about a former contacting me after many years of silence. Ha! In my case, however, I'm the married one. Oh well. There's a reason things work out the way they do... Best of luck!


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