Tuesday, June 07, 2005

When you have a uterus, then we can talk....

.....my male doctor was discussing menopause with me and he said "If I were you...." and in my head I was thinking "Doc, when you have a uterus, then we can talk!" I appreciate the sentiments, but do men have to worry about TO hormone or not to hormone?

I'm very excited because myself and a co-worker bought tickets to see John Edward in a gallery setting in September. Of course, we're not guaranteed to get a reading but it is very exciting just the same. A reading would be the cream on the cake considering we spent a sizeable amount to get these tickets.

My s.o. is leaving tomorrow morning for a fishing trip. He returns on Sunday. I find this a time to catch up on cleaning, trying to get my house in order.

I'm trying to take the right steps to watching what I eat and exercise more. Wish me luck!


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