Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Independence

So as I'm sitting at the local park on the Fourth of July, preparing to watch the fireworks with my sweetie......I lay down to take a nap, as we were there very early. At one point, I pop up and turn around just in time to catch the old heart throb walking by with his son. Such timing. Impeccable as always. He didn't see me so I faked a walk by and bump. I was hoping if I did this he'd see I was there with someone and wouldn't linger in the near area as it would be uncomfortable. I acted indifferent and cool. It was perfect. Only an hour later he walked by again and stopped directly behind our blanket, oblivious that it was me in front of him. I kept turning hoping he'd see me and leave. His cell rang, so this made him more oblivious. So my daughter and her beau were behind him sitting on a stone fence, so again, I faked a walk by and it worked. They moved along. Of course my radar was up, as always, and I saw them again, although now very dark, when they walked by the last time after the display ended. Interesting - wonder if he'll drive by the house again. He still does not know my status. I don't have the need to validate myself by telling him.

NOW FOR THE REAL FUN!!! I'm having a Ya Ya Celebration tomorrow night in my backyard. Complete with a bonfire, food, margaritas, ambience, home made headdresses. Should be good fun. I'll post photos of the event.


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