Friday, September 01, 2006

Have an "Ernesto" weekend

As Sheryl Crow sings, "Are you strong enough to be my man...."

Today at lunch, a co-worker pronounced, "you are such a strong woman." Not the first time I've heard this, especially recently. My ex was compelled to tell me the same a few weeks ago. Which gets me to thinking, does my strength scare people? I am what I am. This is the A-B-C's of me baby!

Do people only see strength and not realize there is vulnerability, sensitivity? Does this work against me, especially in personal relationships?

She also told me how white my teeth look. Another "second" for me. My kid's orthodontist's receptionist told me the same thing yesterday. What is up?

So the co-worker and I had lunch at the local deli. I walked in and playing loudly was Steely Dan. I saw the Deli owner at the concert, but he and his wife didn't see me. We chatted about the concert the other day and come to find out, he's a Steely Dan freak like me. After some conversation I found out he doesn't have any Steely CD's at home so I burned 4 CD's for him and happily delivered them the next day. He had a big smile on his face like a little kid getting the best present. Did my heart good. Well, he has been enjoying the music and thanked me again today and asked me my first name and told me his name is Joe. A new friend.

The long Labor Day weekend is upon us and it appears that in New England we will have an "Ernesto" weekend full of heavy rains.


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