Sunday, October 15, 2006

My weekend in a nutshell...

Cooking, baking and a little afternoon delight.
On the menu:
Chili (award winning recipe).
Pizza Gain: Italian dish that my ex requested. His girlfriend went to culinary school, yet she can't make it to his standards.
Mexican Nine Lyer Dip, a meal in itself.
And for dessert Caramel Bites; caramel is good on anything! A healthy snack with oats, caramel, mini-chocolate and peanut butter flavored chips.

And an early-afternoon tryst with my sweetie in between toting kids to football games and friend's houses and doing yard work we found time for ourselves.

Playing in the CD player today: Burt Bachrach "One Amazing Night", Carole King "Tapestry", ELO, Weather Report, "Heavy Weather", and Fleetwood Mac "The Dance".


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