Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pinched Nerve and Driver's Permit

I took the day off from work to relax. I've been fighting off something since last Friday. I've got that deep down sexy voice, without even trying.

Stay home and relax? I dropped my daughter and the neighbor off at school at 7 a.m., then went to Stop'N'Shop. Then home, showered, and drove to the optometrist to get my glasses fixed. On the way home I stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond for one thing. $100 later, I'm cleaning my bathroom and hanging new curtains and a shower curtain. Then home, ate lunch and before ya know it I had to pick the kid up from school.

Now I'm feeling neck pain as we head off to the DMV to get our driver's permit! Not so bad, except how many friends did she see there all doing the same thing? And in between the giggling and nervousness there was anxiety and testing. I'm feeling a little annoyed because the kids take for granted how much it cost to insure them now and they talk about getting brand new cars. Which made me reflect back to when I was 16. First of all my mother wouldn't let me get my license until I was 17...just because. I had a job and worked quite a lot but my parents would never let me take their car and complained as much about dropping me off and picking me up. So when I was 17 I went and bought myself a brand new Toyota Corolla with my money. I made a substantial deposit and had monthly payments and paid for the insurance myself. These kids don't think like that! I remember getting grief from my parents that I went to buy myself a car with my own money! I did it out of desperation because they were so strict with letting me take the car.

Then as we're at the DMV and I'm checking off the box that says I will teach her at home to drive she announces she's going to take driver's ed through the school or the local driving school. However, I've been asking her since before Christmas to get the info and she hasn't done it. Come to find out while at the DMV, it's about $400 to do it that way, BUT you get a supposed discount on the insurance. I can't imagine the discount is enough to worry about. I highly doubt you make your money back while you're stilling paying for them! BUT the benefit of doing it through the school or driver's ed is that you get your license 2 months earlier. I see why the chillin's would want their parents to pay $400+ to do it this way.

Anyway, I didn't rest today and feel like I need tomorrow off BUT I will go in and leave early. It should be an easy week as we've been planning a big meeting at work which is now this week so most people are in Las Vegas at the meeting.

When did my baby grow up before my eyes? I let her drive home from the DMV and had the death grip the whole way home. Oh, she did alright but I wasn't in the right frame of mind. I think I'm going to put a heating pad on my neck for the rest of the evening.

I worry now that life is getting more complicated and expensive and that I won't be able to provide for her in the way that she'd like. I think it will be a reality check. Up until now I've always been able to give her everything she's wanted and/or needed.


At February 06, 2007 9:56 PM , Blogger Chickie said...

Kids sure do take for granted how much things cost. The 12 year old (!) keeps saying that we all need to go on a freaking cruise! Um, hello? I've never been on a cruise and for my first one (whenever that may be), I don't plan on taking any children with me.


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