Thursday, September 13, 2007

See what a pedicure can lead to?

Let me post this while still in the haze of the four lemon drops (shots) and beer.

I left work and had my whole evening planned. The beau was going to be out and the kid had to work even though she's really sick and shouldn't. I was going to get a pedicure because I have a colonoscopy next Tuesday and I want to put my best foot forward (LOL). And then I was going to come home and plan my Ya Ya party that I'm having with my girlfriends Saturday night.

So there I am at the tail end of my pedicure...Did I mention there's a bar next door? And in walks my ex's best friend. He saw my little car parked at the opposite end of the parking lot from where his car was parked when he went outside to have a smoke, comes in the salon and yells out "Hey!" "Are you gonna come next door when you're done and have a beer with me?" I laugh and make him come closer because he's literally yelling across the joint as if it was poison to come any closer. So when I'm done, wearing the little oriental flip flops because my toes haven't completely dried yet, I shuffle to the bar next door and have a beer with JOE. Did I mention that Joe had a long term relationship with MY best friend, one of the girls whose coming to the Ya Ya Party Saturday evening?

So Joe and I haven't seen each other at all since the divorce in 2004 but have seen each other twice in the past week. He came over with the ex to pick up a broken riding mower that I gave him the night he saw me and the beau and the kid leaving for the cheerleading event. So I got a little drunken insight into the mind of the ex from Joe who had plenty of drinks before I connected with him. Apparently it's all an ego thing. As if I didn't know that. He did admit to Joe that he wouldn't have gone to the event but was hurt because he wasn't invited/asked.

Where to start? Joe blurts out "Brian got kicked out of Judy's two weeks ago." And I'm's all starting to making sense to me now. Don't get ahead of me, he's already back with Judy. I'm thinking WOW. I say, "Why, what'd he do?" Joe says, "I don't know." I reply, "Well he must have been partying, or came home late, or went out too many nights in a row. Because what else could it be? He wouldn't cheat." Joe agrees.

Interesting. It seems Judy is smarter than me :)

I ask, how did he get kicked out/locked out if he has a key. He mostly lives there with her. Joe says she locked the dead bolt. I'm thinking, she is smarter...he has a key but not to the dead bolt. It sounds like she has experience at this! I chuckle. Then Joe tells me how he breaks in to get his stuff. Apparently went back the next night when she wouldn't let him in (she must have been at work) and did the same thing. Probably jimmied a window to get in and get his stuff.

Anyway, the two of us reminisced over beer and a few shots about him missing my girlfriend, who is now unhappily married and what a dumb ass Brian is. Good stuff.

We truly had a lot of laughs and so much fun. We left the first bar and went to a 2nd bar. I drove. He wanted me to drive his little sports car but I figured if we left in his car and I didn't have my car, I'd never get home when I wanted to. He was holding me hostage way longer than I expected already!

Well, we decided what happens in TOWN stays in TOWN because Brian would be pissed at him if he knew we went out drinking together and more importantly I realized he would know immediately that Joe told me he got kicked out of Judy's two weeks ago and we can't let that cat out of the bag!

Now if I could just get my girlfriend to divorce the cement shoes she's been wearing these past couple years and then wave my magic wand and grant Joe's wish that he get his "girl" back, life would be almost perfect.

Okay enough of this. I haven't had dinner and scoffed down a piece of bread while blogging and proceeded to eat the Reese's out of my daughter's Ben and Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream.

Did I mention that in the 2nd bar I recognized a girl I went to elementary school with. Of course, I stopped her and told her who I was and she remembered too. Good times. I don't get out (to the bars) nearly enough apparently.

I think this was the precursor to my Ya Ya party.

Sidebar: I almost never drink. Why do I have to drink tonight and again on Saturday night when I really plan to let loose, 3 days before a colonoscopy? Will they know? Oh well, TTFN.


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