Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Incredible Hulk

The drugs they were giving my father to sleep had a reverse effect and a BAD effect on him and turned him into the Incredible Hulk. CRAZY!

My mother had to tell them to STOP giving him sleep cocktails. He's so sleep deprived, but one night they'd try something and it wouldn't work and the next day they'd try something else and it was having a rebound effect on him. No sleep and crazy and strong and paranoid.

He's seems okay today - he slept for more than a day and now he's awake and you can tell he won't sleep again anytime soon. He just wants out and doesn't know why he can't go home. And all of this delays physical therapy and steps to push forward.

So as much as mom can be a big pain in the a$$, dad should thank her (when he's in his right mind and can appreciate it) because she's there for him (literally - resorted to sleeping there to keep him calm when he had a case of the crazies) and goes to bat for him (a couple of P.A.'s might not be happy with her right now as they have to go through his surgeon to do anything to him in regards to meds) but it would have gotten much worse had she not taken steps she took.

She's packed to stay for the night. I honestly hoped he would have been home by Father's Day.


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