Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my breaking point today...

so frustrating.

he ended up off the vent and headed to the step down unit on sunday, BUT, his respirations were rapid and he ended up back in ICU 3 hours later and back on the vent.

he looks so frustrated.

tonight we left about 40 minutes early, as he slept...the moment I got home after dropping off mom, she called me and started to cry saying that the minute we left "crap hit the fan" as he was taken down to surgery to remove a blood clot in his leg.

I asked if she wanted to go back and the doctor told her NO - don't come back to stare at an empty room.

I'm just glad they took care of it tonight and didn't wait until tomorrow.

I wish things would move along more smoothly and quickly. He IS making progress. He may not look happy but we can't help tht. He has ICU delirium.


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