Friday, May 02, 2008


ICU is a sad place.
A 36 year old woman had quadruple bypass surgery. It runs in her family. Her sister had to have it when she was 32.
A 53 year old man waiting for a heart. His wife said, "He won't let go." He's been waiting there for 6 months.
An older european gentleman, not sure other than general "heart" stuff why he's there, has also been there 6 months according to the wife of the 53 year old.
Be thankful every day.


At May 07, 2008 10:06 AM , Blogger Thomas said...

ICU sucks. Being in isolation is just about as depressing. When my dad was in the hospital last year they thought he had developed a staff infection in his lungs. They locked him down like a plague victim and we had to suit up to visit. Talk about really sucking.

I know they do good, but hospitals suck.

Sending good vibes your way. Sounds like dad is on the mend.



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