Thursday, June 05, 2008

This is a variation of drinking and dialing....

Had a few Teenies when I got home from the hospital. Of course, I get home late, like 7:30pm or so because I stop by after work and then drive mom home. Mom! Wouldn't be having martini's if mom was behaving. Called my sister and asked her where. Where will the cocktails be? Her house or mine or somewhere else? I'm flexible if nothing else.

So I told her the tale of the day...because she couldn't be there - she had 8th grade graduation for her daughter. I texted her from the hospital and simply said "She's going to get herself kicked out of here!"

She's so helpful and so doting that her knowledge these past 6 weeks (6 weeks today) has become dangerous. She knows more than everyone else and tells them how to do their jobs. I walked out of the room today and headed to the family room because I couldn't stand it. I felt bad for the incompetent nurses' aide. Yes, I'll agree, she was a little incompetent but when you're as intimidating as my mother can be at times, that won't make it any better. The poor girl was already tripping over her own feet and a stern, angry 76-year old being pissed off at ya isn't gonna make you do a better job. It just made her paralyzed. I tried to explain to my mother that a better way to handle it would have been to collect her name and speak to the head nurse if something displeased her.



At June 10, 2008 1:09 PM , Blogger Chickie said...

Ah, your mama's stressed to the max too. People deal with things in their own way.

Maybe you should give her a couple of Teenies?

At June 14, 2008 9:23 AM , Blogger Thomas said...

Yeah, the stress is probably off the scale for her, but I also understand the urge to get her to chill.

When, my dad was in the hospital last year my niece had a go with one of the nurses and I pretty much had to run her ass out of the hospital for a couple of days.



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