Friday, April 20, 2007

How I Really Feel Friday - The Sun is Finally Shining

It's a beautiful day, I left work early to enjoy the rest of the afternoon and to get a jump start on house cleaning and chores so I can enjoy the rest of the weekend as the forecast for the next few days is stellar.

Along with that...I need to start walking now that the weather is nice because THE WAY THAT I REALLY FEEL is that I need to walk my fat a$$ off! Yes, exercise...I'm sure it will be a shock to my system BUT I know that I need to do it.

The list of other things I need to do: I can always work harder, save more money, stop swearing so *damn* much, be more patient. I was thinking about these things all afternoon at work. What if my 1997 car breaks down? So I started shopping online to see what I could get and pass down my Buick to my kid as this would be a good, safe first car for her at least in her first year of driving. That's where the work harder and save more $ comes in. Oy! It's not easy being a single parent of household. Yes I get money for the kid from her dad. We're not talking big bucks here and I've maintained my household, the same one I lived in when I was married. There's not a lot of wiggle room in the budget. BUT I will do it - I am determined to do it...somehow.

SO HOW DO I REALLY FEEL? I feel relieved that it's the weekend and want to recycle everything this weekend. Recycle my energy, explore the house and enjoy the things in it and outside all around it as well. Do I really need to go far for entertainment? I have a bevy of entertainment in my life. I need to be "one" with my house this weekend and purge things and enjoy the viable things that exist within it. I need to enjoy my collection of music, and while doing so take care of business at home, all the while saving money as I've not ventured far. I'm sure I have all the things to give myself a spa treatment right within these walls.

I'm thinking if I adjust my thoughts to stay close by I will be productive at home and then fulfilled because of my accomplishments here. I may have to revisit my own post to remind myself of this...several times.

Oh yes, and I do believe it is Earth Day this weekend, speaking of recylcing. So in the name of Earth Day, not only will I be conscience of the environment, but I will recycle me and all of my possessions to make the most of myself and them. And if I stop long enough for a cocktail I will make sure it is green! I will take any and all suggestions for green cocktails.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and when you're having a cocktail this weekend...make it GREEN...and hold it up high and recite..."to my blogger friends!"


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