Monday, April 16, 2007

Water in the basement

Well I haven't left for work yet because I have water in the basement and I'm trying to divert the water away from my new washer and dryer.

Did I mention that times like this sux to be single?

I really didn't want to take today off because I was going to leave early anyway for a dentist appointment and I have tomorrow morning off for another appointment. Don't want to waste my time off.

Oh well. Back to the basement!

Update: 10:18am

Just got back home from Home Depot. First rule of women...don't leave the house without make-up or leaving looking less than good.

I didn't follow my own rule today because I've been sloshing water in the basement and didn't care. Just wanted to go get the stuff I needed and return home to slosh some more water. This nice looking gentleman with beautiful blue penetrating eyes that I stopped to ask for assistance looks me dead in the eyes and says "Is your name Regina?" Right then I shrunk inside as I'm focusing on his name tag. I said, "yes, do I know you?" Apparently he was a truck driver at my first job ever and his brother was a saleman and worked in the office with me. I don't remember the guy or that he worked there but saw the resemblance of his brother. We chatted what seemed like forever as I'm trying not to think of my mismanaged hair and my face looking barren.

At the very least I put on big dark "Jackie-O" sunglasses and lipstick to give the illusion of being made up but I didn't do that either because its dark and dreary and raining.

So ladies - don't be fooled - put on your makeup and fix your hair even if your only running into someplace for a nano second because you don't know who you'll run into!

And most importantly, don't apologize for your looks - that's even less attractive!


At April 16, 2007 12:24 PM , Blogger Blissfully Wed said...

I bet he thought you were hotter than you suspect. ;)


At April 17, 2007 4:14 PM , Blogger Chickie said...

I'm with Him. I think sometimes guys like the disheaveled look. As long as you brush your teeth, you're fine.


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