Sunday, September 23, 2007


The beau and I had pizza with neighbors last night that reached out to us. They're very nice and we had fun talking with them. I met the woman when she was walking her dog one early very brisk morning. She's been a mystery to me ever since.

We came home and went to bed. This morning I had a bad dream that woke me. I fell in love somewhere in between the husband and the beau and the s.o.b. still haunts my mind. I can't seem to wish him away which only makes me angrier that things didn't turn out the way I had wanted them to. I mean, I know now that it was a gift but my heart has never been the same, and I really don't think it ever will be. This is what makes it difficult for me to move forward.

My mom is still in the hospital but doing fine. She's antsy to get out. I think it could be another couple days as they try to get the drug levels just right before being comfortable with releasing her. She mentioned to me yesterday her concern about the long walk from Disney to Epcot Thanksgiving Week. We have dinner plans in "Japan" on Thanksgiving Day and its a long walk to Japan and she's afraid she'll slow us down or she won't be up to it. I assured her that I'd "roll" her ass there if that's what she wanted!

Once again as with the recent cruise, mom and dad are treating us to vacation and thought it would be fun to go to Disney for the holiday. They're also looking into another cruise next year when the kids get out of school. This all ties in with her current stay in the hospital. They're getting older, she worries about my dad's health as he had bypass surgery about 20 years ago and she fears the docs want to open him up again to replace a valve. I think she quietly worries and this self-induced stress landed her in the hospital with a stress cardiomyopathy that mimicked a heart attack. See...stress CAN kill you.

Her condition is completely reversible and she has NO heart damage and has NO blocked arteries. But she needs rest and meds and probably needs NOT to become stressed to get past this. She managed to raise her heart rate the other day which resulted in a team of professionals racing to her room. She didn't see why a particular nurse insisted on giving her reflux and stomach meds when she doesn't have a problem with either. (I agree.) She worked herself up into a tizzy, but she won. She doesn't take them anymore! I'm sure at 75 some people treat you like you're old and no longer able to make these decisions for yourself. She explained to the nurse to feel free to give her meds for her heart and blood pressure because that's what she's having a problem with now, but don't mess with her stomach and bowels because she DOES NOT have a problem with that! I say GO MOM!


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