Friday, June 17, 2005

Who Am I Trying to Please? mother and I hung up a few minutes ago in a huff. I rearranged the entire weekend to please the world, not taking into consideration what I might REALLY want to do. I invited mom and dad to breakfast Saturday morning for Father's Day to free up Sunday. I arranged for my kid's dad to take her with him to dinner Saturday night for Father's Day to free up Sunday. On Sunday we were hoping to go to the beach. My s.o. has a cottage on the water beginning Saturday for a week with his kids and siblings and their children and my kid wanted to hang with those kids. So mom says, "see if the beach people buy you a trip to Disney." Totally throwing guilt my way...and I said, "Christ, I'm inviting you to breakfast Saturday." And then she said goodbye. They just booked a trip to Disney for the entire family. So now, because I wanted to do something on Saturday instead of Sunday for Father's Day I should feel guilty. And should I now be changing my plans? Because they're getting older and more peculiar, I might add, they don't want to come to breakfast Saturday. Heaven forbid. So now I look like a loser. And if I now change my plans and go sit in my sister's yard on Sunday afternoon I'm going to be especially pissy because it will be well known the only reason I'm there is because my mother and I had words. She'll be pissed and I'll be pissed. Lose, lose situation.


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