Monday, July 21, 2008


This must have been very cool to witness!

Dad had a very good week last week. I'm thinking another good week with the breathing and he'll get moved out of the unit he's in and moved to an area where they can concentrate solely on physical therapy. I guestimate 3 weeks of that and he'll be good. My guess, the most: 5 weeks. The first week he was at this specialty place, he ended up being an emergency E.R. patient at the nearest hospital due to hemmoraging at the trach site. That was a scary night.

I'm going on a Beach vacation in a couple weeks. Excitement building! I'm not wandering too far from home base this year. Connecticut shoreline will do. But I do have some exciting plans for that week - like my annual Ya Ya Party with the girls on the last Friday while I'm at the beach.

BEST NEWS: My boss is on vacation! Need I say more?

My daughter went to a party with some girlfriends Friday night and the girls, typically, lay their purses down in the kitchen floor and wander away from them. There were a few boys from town that are bad seeds and in an out of juvenille hall that showed up at the party uninvited. Well, as you probably already guessed, they ravaged through the girl's purses and stole items. My kid is missing her iPod she got for Christmas from her dad and approximately $15. They went through her wallet and didn't take her ATM card but her license was lifted up and she was hurt that they saw it was her stuff and still took it. She's known these boys since grammar school. Her girlfriend is missing $50. Another girl, an acquaintance, is missing her iPhone. She drew a picture of how rotton these boys are which made me reluctant to call the police as I'm afraid they would retaliate upon her, her car or my property if they knew we called the police. They also stole about $1000 worth of liquor from the home. They broke through a locked room to get the stuff and damaged the door and door frame.

My daughter told me that the girl's parents are away on vacation and the daughter didn't tell her parents about this incident...yet. It sounds like Risky Business. It appears that the kid is trying to repair and replace and not tell which is STUPID.

Of course, I didn't know in advance that the party was at a house with parents who were on vacation!!! Ugh!

The kids that had items taken made the boys aware that they know it was them who took their stuff. The remaining kids at the party apparently, left voice and text messages all night to the thieves. I know that sounds bad, but, in return - all the kids that had stuff taken have text messages that they're saving which pretty much implicates the boys.

I told my kid to forget it because karma will bite these boys back. It sounds like they're on probation. I'm hoping when the vacationing parents get home on Tuesday they will find out what happened and call the police.


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