Sunday, August 24, 2008

Things that ROCK...

School starts Wednesday! I've NEVER been happy about school starting before but this year I am. It's a different story with a 17 year old. I stay up late every night until she comes home. Back to normal hours.

I think I have my Buick sold tomorrow. A family is pretty interested in it for their College freshman. This is exactly what I'd want for my 11 year old Buick Regal. It's in very good condition and runs perfectly. I hate to sell it but glad it will go to a kid to commute from his town to school every day. It's reliable and is a tank in the snow. And my daughter is thrilled because she'll get my beau's old car which she likes better than my Buick. His car is only 1 year newer but it's a Maxima and she doesn't think it looks like a granny car.

Dad has been having a very good few days. Mom has been kicking his a$$ into trying harder. He's been doing his 14 to 16 hour breathing trials well. We just need to keep it up and get him off the vent for good.

A long weekend is upon us and to stretch it a tad more I took Friday off. The beau is flying to Tampa to visit his kids and gets back home Sunday around dinner time...

which then we go to a concert that evening which is the last THING that ROCKs...

Kid Rock and Lynard Skynard. Shh! Don't tell the other adults, I really can't wait to see Kid Rock. I love his new song "All Summer Long" and have personally declared it the song of the summer.


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