Thursday, May 03, 2007


My dinner tonight - was trying to give me a message - I will heed it.
I do have an appreciation for the present moment.
Something fortunate happened for me today.
What it was is not important, but just that it was.

In addition, I haven't posted HNT's regularly of late
but I am fortunate enough to have a couple
blogger friends leave a comment on whatever
post I have left last.

For this I am fortunate.

I don't write in my blog for the comments or for sympathy.
For me it is the process of healing by putting it in words that
I can look back at and see how I was feeling at the time.

But to get a virtual hug or a nice comment from a friend
somewhere far away is certainly an uplifting
and happy moment.
As I do consider you a friend and am very
fortunate to have you.
Thank you.

I felt so lucky after the good thing happened that I went
across the street and treated myself
to an eggroll
and then to the local nursery
for two potted plants for the yard.
The above from the fortune cookie was just reinforcement for the day.



At May 07, 2007 11:53 PM , Blogger Vixen said...

I love this post. Good for you chickie.



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