Monday, July 31, 2006

Hollywood Craziness

Too bad...I really liked Mel Gibson...have to wonder now re: motives and "Passions of the Christ" - you know what they say - the truth comes out when you're drunk. I'm sure he must have some Hollywood friends who may be Jewish.

Lindsay Lohan - glad a studio exec "called her on the carpet." And her dumba$$ mother keeps making excuses for her.

Let's get a "shout out" for Pam Anderson and Kid Rock. Woo-hoo! Many happy years (!)

It seems that Paul McCartney has had a change of heart in his opinion that Heather Mills may have married him for his money. It's getting ugly. Hope he comes out of it unscathed.

MTV turns 25 years old. I remember the time I got to see it for the first time visiting someone at CCSU, because of course, we didn't have it at home. VH1 Classic is paying tribute to MTV by airing the first 24 hours of programming from MTV's network debut. The celebration will begin Monday, July 31 at 12 midnight.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mouse Olympics

My (indoor) cats finally learned how to catch and kill mice they find in my basement. The first mouse, a couple years ago, was brought upstairs alive. They played with it for a week. However, it creeped me out that a live mouse was running around for a week. I've never had a mouse upstairs in my house. They've only gotten as far as the basement. I had to catch that mouse and let him free outside. A couple months ago, Mitch - my male cat, brought a mouse upstairs but killed it and I had to have my beau dispose of it for me. Two nights ago, I thought the cats got let outside by accident because I put their food out, whistled for them and they didn't come. Little did I know that they were on a mission in the basement. The next evening, last night, Mitch brought a dead mouse up to the breezeway and dropped it by the front door. My daughter yelled out, "Mitch killed a mouse!" So her boyfriend got rid of it for us. However, my female cat, Jasmine was nowhere to be found which indicated that there was another mouse and she was still busy hunting. So last night, Mitch never came to bed with me and neither one of them were waiting at the top of the stairs this morning for me to feed them. I knew I'd find something when I went downstairs. And lo and behold, there in the middle of the living room carpet was a dead mouse and my female cat sitting majestic-like beside it. Very proud and wanted to be certain that I knew she killed this mouse. So I praised her, gave her a treat. Now I'm naked, because I was going in the shower. I grabbed a garbage bag, made a ramp out of newspaper and tried to fling it in the bag with the other newspaper. It took a few tries, but I finally got it and was thankful that it didn't pop up and hit my naked body. I was already grossed out and gagging each time it didn't go in the bag. I hope that's it for mice for now. I guess I'm glad they finally mastered killing them.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Ya Ya Magick

A good reason to have friends over, make funny headdresses, drink margaritas, and have a bonfire.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Another Independence

So as I'm sitting at the local park on the Fourth of July, preparing to watch the fireworks with my sweetie......I lay down to take a nap, as we were there very early. At one point, I pop up and turn around just in time to catch the old heart throb walking by with his son. Such timing. Impeccable as always. He didn't see me so I faked a walk by and bump. I was hoping if I did this he'd see I was there with someone and wouldn't linger in the near area as it would be uncomfortable. I acted indifferent and cool. It was perfect. Only an hour later he walked by again and stopped directly behind our blanket, oblivious that it was me in front of him. I kept turning hoping he'd see me and leave. His cell rang, so this made him more oblivious. So my daughter and her beau were behind him sitting on a stone fence, so again, I faked a walk by and it worked. They moved along. Of course my radar was up, as always, and I saw them again, although now very dark, when they walked by the last time after the display ended. Interesting - wonder if he'll drive by the house again. He still does not know my status. I don't have the need to validate myself by telling him.

NOW FOR THE REAL FUN!!! I'm having a Ya Ya Celebration tomorrow night in my backyard. Complete with a bonfire, food, margaritas, ambience, home made headdresses. Should be good fun. I'll post photos of the event.