Friday, May 27, 2005


So the sun came out!!! Yeah! It's Friday ~ long weekend ahead and I should be doing my work but wanted to post first. I need to work on some projects at home but want to have some fun too. I need to strip the floor boards on the deck and repaint/stain and this might be a good weekend to do that seeing that its not too hot out yet. I'm a little financially challenged because its right before pay day. Why does that always happen before a long weekend?

Work has been a little stressful because of a project that is a little bigger than me.

And I have to check on Alfalfa's house and bring hers and the neighbor's mail in while they are all away for the weekend.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mental Health Break

So I realized that I really needed to schedule vacation. So I booked a few days in Rhode Island on the shore. I can't wait! Now do I let my daughter bring her friend? If I do, will it really be a vacation for me? I have plenty of time to think about it.

And do I ask my s.o. to come one evening for dinner or for the day and plan a day of fun? I don't know what to do. I don't know the dating etiquette or if I even want to go there. He has a week at the shore and his kids will be here. I haven't really been asked to join. Why is life so complicated as a result of divorce and kids and trying to mesh personalities that would otherwise get along fine? And if we have these minor issues now, how will they ever be ironed out? Maybe we aren't handling it correctly as the adults as a result of dancing around the issues to keep peace with the kids. I dunno.

Monday, May 23, 2005

I live for weekends

So...I went to the wedding Friday night. It was a good time. The wine party on Saturday night was a lot of fun. Good crowd. Educational too :) And then Sunday I did some housework and lounged a bit. Back to work and it will be a long day. The good news is that my daughter made the High School Cheerleading team. She doesn't start H.S. until next September but they had tryouts this past week and they need 20 girls. 14 High Schoolers returned to tryout that were on the team last year and they all made it and then they only need 6 girls from Middle School. So some of Alyssa's friends did not make the team, which is too bad. But I'm thrilled that she did make it. They will have a weeklong camp this summer. I need to make some vacation plans!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005


So I have a wedding to go to tomorrow evening. I'm having anxiety about what to wear. I have a "first" place outfit and a couple back-ups depending upon the mood at that moment. I took 1/2 day to obsess over it all. Oh vey!

I also have a wine tasting house party on Saturday which sounds like fun.

Meanwhile I have tons of housework and yard work that needs to be done. So many chores, so little time.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

French Women Don't Get Fat

So today is my first posting. What made me do this? I think I have some things to think through and I thought if I blogged or journaled my thoughts I would find it easier to work through some issues.

I came home from work early and caught "Oprah" today. All her shows seem to be about weight loss or is that just the days that I catch her show? Or is this a sublte message I should be listening more carefully to? Well, I am unhappy about weight gain. She had a french woman on who published "French Women Don't Get Fat." I believe its about appreciation and enjoyment of food and not depriving yourself. It sounded interesting. I need to do research. I'm trying not to get sucked into fad diets or things. Of course, we know all the right things to do. The correct behaviors and proper foods to eat...but we have to be ready to make the change or the change doesn't stick!

I am making a conscience decision to MOVE more and eat properly.